Mariah Carey vs Ariana Grande

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"all girls dress the same"


"all girls dress the same"

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Here’s a sure-fire way to know that you hate women: when an incident of intimate partner violence in which a man knocks a woman unconscious gains national attention and every question or comment you think to make has to do with her behavior, you really hate women. Like, despise.

There is no other explanation. There is no “I need all the facts.” There is no excuse. You hate women. Own it.

Now, you probably don’t believe you hate women. You probably honestly think you’re being an objective observer whose only interest is the truth. You are delusional.

We have this problem in our discourse around the most important challenges we face where we feel we have to be “fair to both sides.” But sometimes, one of those sides is subjugation and oppression. If you’re OK with legitimizing that side in the interest of “fairness,” you’re essentially saying you’re OK with oppression as a part of the human condition. That’s some hateful shit.


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i couldn’t resist

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Moon to Moon Blog: Free Spirit Spheres and are  set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.

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When someone thinks you’re a hassidic hillbilly with a snoot full of honeybees


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Let him out, came out a minute later to check on him



Let him out, came out a minute later to check on him

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i thought i had a crush!! but it turned out to just be a 2 day long infatuation where i was actually just bored

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